Digitally transforming the education system for the world’s most disadvantaged by automating education delivery through robotic systems.
Take a 5-year-old child in deep poverty from a remote village. Give her a tablet to play with. The tablet becomes her teacher and the school. See her speak and write basic English by grade 3. See her connect to and learn from the world resources by grade 8. See her get a college degree from a university. See her work for a global corporation…. all the while living still in a remote village.

Education Crisis

Education is the foundation of prosperity. The wealthy upper-middle class send their children to private schools who then become professionals, but half of them leave the country afterwards to live and prosper broad. Since the lower classes cannot afford tuition, their children miss out on education entirely. The free government schools fail to provide even the basic education because grossly underpaid teachers simply do not show up, tending to their private business instead to get by. In consequence, lower class children grow up in poverty without skills as their parents who never attended school either. The only way to break out of this vicious circle of poverty is providing free education to these children that will allow them a future with dignity.

How You Can Help Us.

NR Foundation is a non-profit organization that is focused on improving the standard of living in remote, deep poverty areas by providing education to children who would not have the chance otherwise. It promotes an education through technology, to achieve prosperity for all citizens, not just for the elite which constitutes only 10-15% of the society.


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