Education crisis

Main Factors contributing to the educational crisis:
   1. Lack of access to schools for poor families.
   2. Lack of schools outside the urban areas.
   3. Availability of qualified personnel.
   4. Inconsistent or low quality of education.
   5. Outdated curriculum.

How Shama resolves it

Through Shama we aim to overcome the education crisis. Shama is a system that NR Foundation has created to digitally transform education. Shama is planned to be used for children grades Kindergarten-8 and is where children learn through the use of technology at their home from the first day of education. Shama performs the duties of teacher and school in an autonomous manner. It can analyze the needs of students individually and teach intelligently through a technology-based delivery mechanism, including interactive games, quizzes and videos. The curriculum is centralized and prepared according to provincial and international needs. Eventually, each student learns at their own pace and is promoted to a higher grade based on their skill levels.

Salient features of Shama

Entire curriculum via computer/tablet

Shama is able to teach students through different kinds of lessons e.g. video, poems, games, writing, drawing, etc. Entire curriculum is delivered to student digitally via a tablet.

Personal delivery system for each student

As each student is unique, Shama adopts to needs of each student individually. It analyzes, understands, and guides every student on each and every step throughout their learning process by using artificial intelligence.

Connect students to the world

Shama allows students to connect and learn from the world’s resources by grade 8 in order to assure students aren’t limited to a particular system and curriculum. They are free to learn and experience what the world has to offer them.

Centrally managed and operated

Shama is centrally managed and operated through Shama central, which allows principals and teachers to manage students and curriculum. The curriculum for each grade is managed here so that all the students receive current curriculum when it gets updated.