How it works

The principal of the school is able to observe student progress and manage curriculum through Shama central on their computer. The teachers can use Shama central to create assignments and other tasks for their students to complete as well as managing other tasks. Students use a tablet that have the Shama app installed in order to connect to Shama central. The curriculum for the students is copied from Shama central to the Shama app, which is then available on the student’s tablet. Internet is only required to download the content, which then allows the students to use the Shama app without internet. The student progress can then be synced with Shama central once internet is available.
Shama Central: Principal Functions
Shama Teacher: Teacher Functions
Shama Student: Student Functions

Key features of our model

  • Each student is given a tablet.
  • English and computer lessons begin in Kindergarten and are an ongoing focus.
  • The delivery of course material through guided and controlled apps.
  • Students are able to interact with course content according to their grade.
  • Students are allowed to progress at their own pace
  • The availability of content without internet.
  • The curriculum is approved by Government of Punjab Board of Secondary Education.
  • Everything is centrally managed and operated.
  • Each school is staffed with operational and technical staff.
  • The academic staff and teachers are staffed centrally in a model school.*
  • All schools and grades lock-step at semester level.*

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