Our Curriculum

Our curriculum provides a comprehensive package of digital content to equip students with the skills needed to succeed in today’s interconnected world as responsible life-long learners. Information is presented and explained in ways to support students’ ability to think critically, creatively and collaboratively.
Our curriculum package includes the subjects and lessons for a session. Each lesson is created in detail including objectives, outcomes, assessments and evaluations. Our lessons are a compilation of teacher’s guides on basis of daily lesson plans, activities and scripted instruction).
Our team comprises of experts from education industry including authors, coordinators and lesson planners. We prepare curriculum considering needs of local education system and international trends. We currently have curriculum packages available for the primary grades in all of the core subject areas.


Science is based on three learning strands Life Science, Earth and Space Science, and Physical Science.The development of critical thinking skills and the application of the scientific method.


Math is based on number patterns, exploring numbers, addition, subtraction, counting and estimation, multiplication and division, measurement, time and space and data analysis.

Humanities and Arts

We are teaching the students to identifies the uppercase letters, orally tells what sound is heard at the beginning and end of each word, Rhymes.

Social Studies

Social studies course which provide an engaging introduction to the key areas of Social Studies.The course offers a structured syllabus covering citizenship, history, cultural studies, geography, personal, social and health education.